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Missing Persons

Currently Missing

Total Open Cases: 25
Keith Jones
Name : Keith Jones   
Age: 34
Missing Since: 01/27/23
Name : Fireselam Mebirate   
Age: 16
Missing Since: 01/29/23
Name : Leslie Urizar   
Age: 16
Missing Since: 01/27/23
Name : Jakobi Williams   
Age: 16
Missing Since: 01/29/23
Name : Micah Carrington   
Age: 14
Missing Since: 01/27/23
Name : Gary Johnson, Sr.   
Age: 61
Missing Since: 01/29/23
Sincere Thomas
Name : Sincere Thomas   
Age: 16
Missing Since: 01/16/23
Name : Dennis Harrell   
Age: 43
Missing Since: 12/02/22
Burnoll Waiters
Name : Burnoll Waiters   
Age: 78
Missing Since: 12/29/22
Name : Jeffrey Wilkerson   
Age: 67
Missing Since: 09/13/22
Name : Rushaw Belton   
Age: 69
Missing Since: 11/16/22
Name : Shakira McPherson   
Age: 16
Missing Since: 11/03/22
Name : Nelson Mendoza Aguilar   
Age: 16
Missing Since: 10/22/22
Name : Wilbert L. King, Jr.   
Age: 61
Missing Since: 03/22/22
Name : Amoni Gomes   
Age: 15
Missing Since: 01/14/22
Name : Ian Solheim   
Age: 31
Missing Since: 07/25/21
Name : Kyon Jones   
Age: 2 months
Missing Since: 05/05/21
Name : Gail Butler   
Age: 74
Missing Since: 04/23/97
Name : Sean Regan   
Age: 63
Missing Since: 02/20/21
Name : Davante Richardson   
Age: 28
Missing Since: 07/22/20
Name : Mya Barnes   
Age: 17
Missing Since: 03/05/18
Name : David Stern   
Age: 29
Missing Since: 11/27/18
Name : Latrice Nelson   
Age: 37
Missing Since: 07/16/18
Name : Teresa Young   
Age: 48
Missing Since: 07/03/15
Relisha Tenau Rudd,
Name : Relisha T. Rudd   
Age: 8
Missing Since: 03/01/14

The information and data on this webpage is updated daily. It is important to note that the information changes in real time as missing people are reported and found. In an attempt to more quickly find people reported missing and get the publics assistance, we post critical missing persons alerts on Twitter and on the website. Once a missing person has been located, the original tweet will be re-tweeted with an update that the individual has been located; the photo and flier will be removed from the website, as required to protect the individual’s privacy. Because fliers are added and removed from the website as soon as that information becomes available, the total number of open and closed cases may not correspond directly with the number of fliers available online at any given time.